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Job Listings
Position Job's duty Salary range Work place Need people Time
sales manager sales Salary needs negotiation Australia, Korea, UK 2 2018-10-26

Job requirements


1.At least 1 or 3 years sales experience in this industry;           

2. Customer resources with relevant industries;            

3. Intelligent thinking, excellent communication and public relations ability and plan execution ability, brave to work under pressure;            

4. Familiar with photovoltaic, energy storage and other related products, with relevant working background or major customer resources is preferred.




1. Achieve the annual sales target according to the sales tasks issued by the company;            

2. Provide industry development strategies and suggestions, develop and maintain industry customers            

3. Focus on industry dynamics, identify opportunities for major projects, and carry out corresponding public relations work;            

4. Organize the audit of sales pricing and scheme planning and actively participate in industry meetings.            

5. Responsible for the processing of sales returns, overdue payments and disputed payments from customers in the industry.

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